Welcome to the Stony Brook Squash Ladder!

Below is a brief introduction to our squash ladder and its operation.

The Current Ladder Rankings

The current ladder rankings are always displayed on the main SB Squash Ladder page. From this page, you are also able to login to your account, or register if you are a new user.

Registration & Login

When you first want to join the SB Squash Ladder, you will need to fill in a brief registration form. You must enter your name (which will be used to identify you in the rankings and to other players), you email address (which will be used to sending messages to you), and a password for this system (do not use an important password, this system is not secure!). If there is a problem with your registration information, you will be told what the problem is and be asked to re-submit your information.

Once you have registered, you will be able to access your section of the website on future visits by logging in with your name and password. Please note that both your name and password are case sensitive.

You Account Homepage

You account homepage will identify you by your username in the top left corner and present several actions that you can perform. These actions include confirming a previously played match, entering the results of a match, challenging another player to a match, and updating your account information. Each of these actions is discussed separately below.

Confirming a Match

If you have already played a match with another player on the SB Squash Ladder, they might have already entered the match information into the system. If so, it will be displayed at the top of your page, with the options to either confirm or deny the results. Selecting confirm will update the rankings according to the match results. Selecting deny will clear the match results without updating the rankings. After confirming or denying the results of a match, an email will be sent to your opponent informing them of your action. If your opponent has already entered a match, you need only to confirm it here, and not re-enter it yourself in the section below.

Entering Match Results

If you have played a match with an opponent on the SB Squash Ladder and they have not already entered the results, you can do so in this section. Select your opponent from the pulldown menu, and then select the winner of the match, either yourself (the "me" option) or your opponent. Then click the submit button to send the results to the system. Your opponent will receive an email informing them that they need to confirm the match results. Once they confirm the results, the ladder rankings will be adjusted accordingly.

Challenging an Opponent

In order to increase your rank in the ladder, or just set up a time to play a match, you can send a challenge to an opponent. To do so, select an opponent from the list. An email will be sent to that opponent, with your email address as the reply-to address so that they can contact you directly. In the message box, you can enter the text which will form the body of the email (for example, mentioning what times you are available, etc.). Please note that at this time, this is merely a contact tool, and there is no penalty assigned if an opponent does not reply.

Modifying Your Account Information

At the bottom of your account's homepage, you are able to update your email address or modify your password if necessary.

If you have any problems using the SB Squash Ladder, please contact the ladder administrator using the form below:

Your email address: