Culture 台灣文化


Here we will introduce some of Taiwan's cultures, including food, religion, holidays, standard of living, transportation, local attractions and so on .... All of our TSA will share in all of Taiwan, where you do not have to be a Taiwanese to join us, only if you are interested in the culture of Taiwan and, or you like Taiwan that's fine, too, we always welcome you to join and are willing to share with you all of this.


This is found on youtube which I think is the most appealing video which you will have a sense of How Taiwanese culture would look like. The video is originally made for traveling purpose. The vocal from the background music is Mandarin and Taiwanese, and the video shows some traditional festivals, foods, different regions, some nice building. Please don't skip it.

Taiwan Traditional Festival 台灣傳統節日
Sky Paper Latern 放天燈

sky latern
Sky lanterns are airborne paper lanterns traditionally found in East Asian. They are constructed from oiled rice paper on a bamboo frame, and contain a small candle or fuel cell composed of a waxy flammable material.  The sky lantern is only airborne for as long as the flame stays alight, after which the lantern floats back to the ground.

These lanterns were subsequently incorporated into festivals like the Chinese Mid-Autumn and Lantern Festivals. Pingsi in the Taipei County of Taiwan holds an annual Lantern Festival in which sky lanterns are released.

Taiwan Traditional Night Market
sky latern

The evolution to today, resulting blending into the habits of consumption and leisure, night markets of goods projects increased by a simple daily pleasure of eating, drugs, etc. of a wide variety of stalls, night markets in Taiwan people's lives within a "mini-Carnival" , in addition to the sale of the business functions purely as long as the public goes for a casual way.
Taiwan's night market is divided into the flow of tourist night market and traditional night markets, night markets where liquidity is Taiwan's unique culture. In addition, Taiwan's night markets are diversified, such as being able to eat at the night market where the different flavor of snacks (shawarma, India pulled tea, a small octopus balls, etc.) This is a night market abroad do not have.






Taiwanese Food台灣夜市小吃

Some typical Taiwanese Food and Snack from Taiwanese Traditional Night Market

Move your mouse on each picture for information.
Oyster Omelets Boba Buddle Tea
Smelly Tofu Oyster Vermicelli
Crushed Ice Meatball It is quite common in night markets in Taiwan as a snack, fresh oysters are an important element in this scrumptious and will reconcile the cornstarch with the oyster topped with potato starch powder, combined with eggs, vegetables next to the fire frying pans, edible special tone when you dribble the sweet and sour sauce, mouth-watering taste of sweet-scented.
Rice Dumpling Meat Bread

We are planning to introduce these food in some of the meeting.

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Taiwanese Unique Phonetic pronunciation system
  1. Phonetic symbols from the Republic of China has been seven years since the promulgation of Qishijiunian history, the Department of phonology, Mr. Zhang Taiyan scientists to create the symbol
  2. Phonetic symbols and method of articulation is followed handed down from ancient Chinese phonological system, used to teach pronunciation to students in the West rely on the complete eradication of the habit of their mother tongue and the resulting interference
  3. Phonetic symbol system with the very rich sound logic, starting from the lip, the sound generated by each site in order to complement the distribution of relations in the pronunciation of self into the system to a simple 21 consonants and 16 vowels can spell 420 syllables, coupled with changes in four tones, resulting in 1281 meaningful syllables, you can master all of the standard Chinese pronunciation of Chinese characters, if a complete stranger's voice in China foreigners learn the pronunciation of 1281, at least you can express emotion, will Institute of Phonetic Symbols can be used after the dictionary, read the Chinese characters with Mandarin phonetic symbols in Chinese typesetting of books, has greatly benefite.

This is the chart of the Phonetic Symbols


Also on standard keyboard


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Taipei Subway system

sky latern

Taiwan started in the twentieth century began to cover the Mass Transit Railway. Currently the MTR system is only available in Taipei which is the capital city. Now, the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit has 11 routes throughout the city center. The MRT system Is currently under construction with six new routes, not only the route leading to Taoyuan CKS International Airport, as well as to other districts in Taipei County,  in addition to 12. The new routes as well as other provinces and cities of the MRT system is being planned.
Taiwan's mass rapid transit is the use of low-pollution electricity as a power source, MRT train roof there 25000-30000 volts of high voltage, if the power outage, then the entire train will be fully stopped, in addition to electricity than without using any extra power source.




This is the map of the current MRT system

And this is the future plan for MRT system


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Taipei 101

Much of the information recording the height of Taipei 101 Tower, 508.0 meters (1,667 feet), including the holders of the building included, this figure is 1.2 meters high and foundations, began to measure, however, according to high-rise buildings and urban residential Committee(CTBUH) standards, the height of the foundation should also be counted into the total height of the building, and to become 509.2 meters.

Taipei 101 skyscraper, although highest in the world, but not the highest artificial structures.According to Guinness World Records certification, "the world's highest self-constructed" for the Canadian National Tower in Toronto, Canada, its height of 553.3 meters. And Taipei 101, the same state the title of the world's first tower has been in the September 12, 2007, they were beyond the Dubai tower

This is after 2007

Building for a multi-functional 101-storey skyscraper. Taipei 101 is the world's first multi-festival-style skyscrapers, 27-layer to 90 layers of 64 layers, each layer is an 8, a total of 8, on each wall are oblique view 7 °, with the traditional style can be seen everywhere ornaments, have been rising, blooming rich images.

The building is divided into three parts: the tower area, the tower podium area and basement area, used as an office that is the main building of the tower area, there are six floor podium area, surrounding the tower next to the main shopping center, interior design is very beautiful . Taipei 101 incorporates all the advanced technology and equipment in a top-level, for example, 800 tons of the most famous wind damper, in order to ramp specially designed exterior structure, viewing platform with the world's fastest elevators, offices, using double-speed elevators, fire emergency shelter rooms.

Taipei 101, with securities, finance, corporate headquarters, industrial and commercial activities and entertainment, living and shopping purposes, stands in the Xinyi Planned Area, the huge building, like a microcosm of cosmopolitan life. B2 to B5 is currently being planned as car parks, B1 to the 5th Floor, gathered in fashion and food for the modern shopping centers, 6 F to 84 F, as a general office building, 85 floor for the Business Club, 86 to 88 as a scenic restaurant, 89 To 91 floor window as a symbol of the future observation deck.


Immediately from the position of the world's tallest building, Taipei 101, retired, and now have a new plan is to strive to become the first high-green building, is currently booking to 18 months of time to obtain certification, to achieve energy-saving, water saving, as well as garbage reduction of 10% of the target is estimated that could save 20 million yuan each year. 188 seconds of the fireworks show, Taipei 101 New Year's Eve has become the world's attention as one of the attractions, but the title of the world's tallest building, opened in Dubai tower painted after the period. More than 800 meters of the Dubai tower, obstinately than the height of 508 meter-high Taipei 101, higher than 300 meters. Hand over the title of the world's first people, and now have to fight for Taipei 101 and become the world's tallest green building.

After you have seen and known well about Taipei 101, Do you want to visit there or travel there sometimes ? Well, I created a Google Earth 3D Tour where it takes you from Stony Brook University to Taipei 101 which only costs about 1 minute. Play the tour below, if you do not have Google Earth plug on, then install it. Please do not miss this. You can move around and go wherever you want after the end of the 3D Tour

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Taiwan Mazu Temple
sky latern
Matsu is the most widely-worshipped deity in Taiwan. In towns large and small, mountain villages and fishing harbors, country towns and city streets, out by the sea and far inland, Matsu temples are everywhere. Taiwan's Matsu culture festival started in the early hours of March 25. The Matsu culture festival activities kicked off from Chenlan Temple in Tachia, Taichung, and kicks off just after midnight on March 25, extending to Fungtien Temple in Hsinkang, offering incense along the whole route of the procession, through the four counties of Taichung, Changhua, Yunlin and Chiayi, a total of around 372 km, arriving back in Tachia on April 1. It so happens that this week coincides with the festival, and so this week we have invited Lin Mei-rong, researcher at Academia Sinica's Institute of Ethnology, and head of the Taiwan Association for Religious Studies, to write about the historical origins and cultural background of Matsu in Taiwan.

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7-11 in Taiwan

The total number of outlets on Taiwan after the United States and Japan, but the average branch density in the land, ahead of Taiwan in the United States before that date. The average population density of outlets, Taiwan was 4,800 persons per The average density of a store tops the world.

The image below shows the average branch (7-11) density in just "TAIPEI"

Currently, there are 1368 branches over the whole Taipei out of 4037 total. Isn't it intersting and amazing ?

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Taiwan Light : Chien-Ming Wang

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Chien-Ming Wang (March 31, 1980 -) is a Taiwanese-American professional baseball player, currently a free agent. 2005, Wang became the Major League Baseball New York Yankees starting pitcher, after the fixed has become the focus of the people of Taiwan, some of the media as "Chien-Ming Wang phenomenon." Wang Chien-ming, Taiwan media reported the news, often in its name preceded by "Taiwan's Light," four-character form a "Light of Chien-Ming Wang of Taiwan," said the stereotypes connected







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