ASA Asian Night 2007 - November 8, 2007
Asian Students Alliance's (ASA) annual Asian Night filled with performances and modeling. Members from many campus clubs come together to make the show a blast. Additional information can be found at ASA's website.

For 30 years, the East Coast Asian Student Union (ECASU) has been one of the largest unifying forces for Asian Pacific American students on campuses across the United States. One of the largest completely student-run Asian organizations in the United States, ECASU was established to establish the following four principles of unity:
  • Build and strengthen broad democratic Asian and APA student organizations to serve the social, political, and educational need of Asian and APA students.
  • Promote the unity of Asians, APA and Eurasians from different nationalities and backgrounds through greater understanding of the Asian experience in America.
  • Fight for social, cultural, economic, educational, and political equality of Asians as an underrepresented group in the United States ofAmerica.
  • Strengthen relations and build coalition between Asians and APAs and other minorities and all people of color. (EECASU '98)
Please see the ECAASU National Website for more information.

Goi Cuon Night
Night of fun and entertainment as everyone tries to make their own goi cuon (Vietnamese Spring Roll).

Pho Night
When someone thinks of Vietnamese food, this is the food that is most often mentioned and loved by all. Pho is Vietnamese noodle soup with a variety of beef and vegetable in an aromatic broth.

Scavenger Hunt
Our first ever Scavenger Hunt was a great success. Everyone was able to enjoy the sights of Stony Brook while learning some new things about our campus.

Secret Santa
The annual night where everyone gets together before finals and enjoy a Christmas dinner. Presents are traded, good food is consumed and great fun is had. A perfect time to network with your Viets and non-Viets.

Sports Day/Picnic
VSA's claim to fame. The annual picnic has been very successful with participation from other VSA in the area. Slight hiccups occured because of USG's changes to clubs making their own food. However, the picnic has survived in some form or another.

Tien Len Tournament
Vietnamese Poker Tournament. Prizes will be given to at least the top two seeds.

Past Events

Homecoming 2007 - October 19, 2007
The Asian Students Coalition's (ASC) first ever joint project. ASC consist of clubs' e-board members who take time to plan cooperative events between the cultural clubs on campus. There was a great turn out of representatives from different clubs enjoying their march around campus.