MAT 123.02: Introduction to Calculus

Stony Brook University, Spring 2018

Instructor: Christopher Scaduto
Lectures: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2:30-3:50, Javits 110
Email: c s c a d u t o @ s c g p . s t o n y b r o o k . e d u
Office: Simons Center for Geometry and Physics 309
Office hours: Tuesday 12:30-1:30, Thursday 10-11

MLC hour: Tuesday 11-12, Thursday 10-11

I teach one of three lecture sections of MAT 123, each of which cover the same material and run parallel to one another. The coordinator for the three sections is Professor David Kahn. The course syllabus, along with all other online material for the course, is available on Blackboard. See you in class!