The hardest thing about therapy, most people say, is making that first phone call ... which is why I believe it’s vitally important to find a therapist who offers a safe, open, and responsive space where you can speak freely, feel heard and understood, and get the kind of useful feedback that will you help you live your life more joyfully and effectively.

I would describe myself as a warm and thoughtful listener who shares insights and observations in a supportive environment where there is room for humor. I am a psychoanalytically-trained psychotherapist. Among other things, this means the agenda comes from you and the sessions are driven by you. Together we explore and work to understand what makes you tick, where the problems are, and how to find better solutions. The answers are seldom straightforward. We learn to take the time to look beyond the obvious. We develop sensitivity to little telltale signs, to your history, to your dreams, to your language, to your feelings. 

Life is often very hard, and we all struggle to find a way to live that allows for peace, happiness, and success, both personally and professionally. We live in a culture where quick fixes reign, so it's very tempting to seek short-term solutions. But the issues we deal with have generally taken root over many, many years of living in certain ways -- ways we may not even be aware of -- so developing new patterns of dealing with stressors, and making changes that will last, takes time.  

I have worked with a wide range of patients across a spectrum of all sorts of difficulties, and I am pleased to have helped so many people grow and move forward in their lives.  

So if you're in pain, feeling stuck, going through a difficult time, tired of struggling alone, what a relief it is to know that help is available.

The first phone call awaits.

Matt Aibel, LCSW  

                    offices in New York City and in Northport, Long Island   |   646.361.7677 

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