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Created by Chemistry SINC Site Manager 12.17.06
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**Please Note:

We are responsible for 3 computer rooms in the Chemistry Building. Rooms 432, 434 and the computer room in the Chemistry Library Room 215.

Each consultant must check the site in the Chemistry library after his/her shift. He/She is responsible for making sure that all the hardware is in working condition and that the room has been cleaned.

The TA may have already opened some of the rooms before you get there. You may verify his/her access, if neccessary.

All sites should have printed schedules to give to users.

Please report computer problems via sitestatus with a detailed description. The location of each computer is shown in the image map of the site.

Please e-mail me at if there are only 5 packs of paper, 1 box of toner or if any supplies such as staples are low and/or missing.

Thank You ~ ChemSINC Manager =)