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Name : Humanities SINC Site

Location : 2nd Floor - Room 2046,
New Humanities Building (next to Administration Building)

Phone Number : (631) 632 9329

Monday: 6pm-9pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 6pm-9pm

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: CLOSED

1. NO food or drinks allowed in the
SINC site.

2. NO softwares may be installed on the computers. The only person allowed to install any kind of softwares at all are the SINC site technicians.

3. NO viewing of PORNOGRAPHY.

I.Printing policies will be updated as needed through-out the Fall/Spring semester. Read your Sparky e-mails to know the latest update information!
II.Printing runs on a weekly rollover quota policy. Daily quota allowance is 40 pages. Print Quota resets every Mondays and Saturdays.
III.Power Point slideshows should be printed with 6 slides on a page. Directions are available by the printing machines in all sites.
IV.NO printing of labels, transparencies.
V.Students may NOT use their own paper in any SINC Site.
*Printing a Dissertation and/or Thesis:
If someone would like to print their dissertation and/or thesis, they must see an Instructional Computing Staff member in order to schedule an appointment.
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