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Wednesday 10-9
Thursday 10-9
Friday 10-5
Saturday Closed
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  • Classes may be held in the left class room, the classroom on the right with 13 PCs will remain open for public use.
  • Please note the schedule may be subject to change due to classes and circumstances beyond our control. You may call 631-632-1021 to check the hours.
  • This SINC site is opened for registered Stony Brook Students. IDs may be checked.
Site Policies
  • No Food and Drinks are allowed in the sinc site .
  • No burning copyrighted material.
  • No viewing of inappropriate material in sinc site.
  • No littering in the SINC site
Printing Policies
  • The SINC site follows a Print Quota system. CLICK HERE for more details .
  • Printing of labels and transparencies are not allowed .
  • Use of your own paper to print strictly prohibited.
  • The Math/Physics Sinc Site Consists of 2 Classrooms.
  • The Right Classroom has 13 PCs and 1 Epson Scanner.
  • The Left Classroom has 22 PCs and a projector.


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