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To IBM Recruiter:

I aspire to obtain summer internship at IBM (Research), with the purpose of participating in challenging projects that involve creative problem-solving and application of the knowledge obtained at Stony Brook University and, also, building my expertise of various aspects of design process and gaining practical experience in Semiconductor Device Physics and Semiconductor Processing. In the creative, nurturing and friendly atmosphere IBM is famous for, I expect to develop and improve my top skills that will lead to my professional growth and success as a specialist. In return, I believe I will be able to contribute to the company’s growth by sharing my own ideas and developing others’, taking on responsibility for the entrusted projects, and being a proactive team player.

I received my M.S. degree in Physics of Solid State from a Ukrainian university, upon graduation of which I worked for 14 years at a research institute doing industrial research related to ventilation systems for nuclear power plants, with their subsequent testing at the plants.

 Currently I am a Ph. D. Candidate at Stony Brook University, NY, in Electrical Engineering, majoring in Semiconductor Devices and Quantum Electronics.  By the end of the Spring 2008 Semester I will receive an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering.

 While studying at the University, I worked both as RA and TA.  Being a teaching assistant, I assisted students with their designs and analysis of DC and AC circuits using PSPICE, digital designs using VHDL, and designs of embedded systems, with the latter involving software design using AVR assembler.  The requirement for me as a TA was to fully complete the assigned projects prior to conducting lab sessions. In addition, my duties involved proctoring and grading quizzes and exams and advising students on their projects during office hours.

 My responsibilities as a research assistant included designing, prototyping, tuning, and testing electronic equipment for DNA sequencing instruments designed in the Lab, with the focus on single photon counting instrumentation.  Working in the Lab, I obtained experience in setting up and conducting lab experiments, taking electrical and optical measurements, analyzing results, and modeling the phenomena observed.  Also, I acquired some experience in designing Microelectronic Devices, Solid State and Digital Circuits, while working with layout tooling.

 I am sure that my multi-faceted education, previous experience and personal qualities – reliability, persistence in achieving a goal and good humor, among other things – will make me a valuable member of your team.

You can view my resume on my web site:

 Anatoliy Borodin


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