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To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing in support of Anatoliy Borodin who is applying to Ph. D. program at your University.

I have know Anatoliy since our studies at Donetsk State University, Ukraine. Although our majors were different, we spent a lot of time together discussing scientific problems and generating new ideas for our research papers. This interaction was mutually beneficial. I have always been attracted by the originality of his mind, the abundance of new ideas and projects, and persistence in their realizing.  Although we work in different fields, now we collaborate on the join project.

While studying in High school, Anatoliy had won several first prizes in the regional contests in Math and Physics. At the same time he got interested in radio-electronics. Taking evening classes he got a certificate for managing and repairing TV equipment. All this helped further develop Anatoliy's interest in Physics.

During his internship at Donetsk Institute of Physics and Technology, Ukraine, Anatoliy did the research in Physics which yielded significant results and earned him the proposition from the Academy of Science of the USSR to continue his work on the project upon graduation from the university.

I should also note that Anatoliy has always been good at engaging people in research and realizing his projects. He volunteered to teach the theory of invention and innovation to the workers of Donetsk Metallurgical Plant in his free time.

During the new movement of the so-called "temporary creative teams", which united scientists and engineers from different fields of research, Anatoliy took on a responsibility to create and lead the first team of this kind in his city.

Due to his original approach to problem solving, all his research projects starting with his graduation paper, are done on the level of invention. Anatoliy started working with Information Technologies while working on the system of automation and design of ventilating systems for atomic power stations. He was the team leader in this project, responsible for system analysis and design, and fulfilled his work successfully.

I want to assure you that Anatoliy will be a successful student at your University and his work will be productive and original.  I hope that you will seriously consider his application.

You may contact me by phone.

work: (+380) 0622-558435
home: (+380) 0622-...

Sergej Suykov,
Candidate of Chemical Science

Chief of the Department of Donetsk Regional Center for Dangerous Wastes Utilization, Ministry of Ecology, Ukraine

Senior Researcher, Department of the Electrolphilic Reactions Investigation, Litvinenko's Institute of Physical-Organic Chemistry and Coal Chemistry, NAS, Ukraine.

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