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Dear Admission Committee,


Please accept this letter as a recommendation for Anatoliy Borodin.  I have know Anatoliy since 1979.  During his work under my direct supervision in my department, I had a great pleasure of seeing him advance from senior engineer to junior researcher, and, finally, to senior researcher position.  Although Anatoliy does not work at our institution at present, we keep in touch.


Borodin is hard-working, resourceful, and creative researcher.  He possesses excellent time-management skills.  He always functioned as a team leader, and never missed deadline for the assigned projects.  Anatoliy is solution-oriented and is able to come up with innovative approaches in his work.  Problems only seem to stimulate his creativity.


Anatoliy is never satisfied with the achieved results.  He is a life-time learner, who is eager to acquire new skills and techniques, which he invariably applied in his work.  Anatoliy mastered English and became a free-lance translator for Donetsk Chamber of Industry and Commerce.  He was specializing in technical translations in his research area.


Anatoliy did a lot of work on his own initiative which, I think, is one of the attributes of a successful researcher.  He took up every sort of task with enthusiasm and succeeded in everything he set out to do.


Being very sociable, he organized a lot of discussions and talks, were he shared his ideas with colleagues.  These discussions often led to creation of research teams, which were usually more productive than one individual.  Such collaboration resulted in a number of patents and publications.  Anatoliy's written works testify to his good command of fundamental sciences.  His reports and publications demonstrate his excellent style in writing.


Anatoliy possessed a great sense of responsibility, an inquiring mind, and good communication skills.  His willingness to enlarge his knowledge and his readiness to apply new ideas in practical work, together, will make him a successful student.  I am sure your University will benefit from association with Anatoliy Borodin.


For more information please contact me by phone (Russian).  Work: (+380) 6242-43234.

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Viktor Vlasik, Science Director

Research Institute of Heat-and-Power Enginearing

Gorlovka, Ukraine


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