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Dear Sir/Madam:

It is my pleasure to recommend Anatoliy Borodin for a Ph. D. program at your university.


I met Anatoliy for the first time when he returned to our research institute upon completing his military service in the Army. Although we worked in different labs until 1990, we met at regular organizational meetings to discuss the results and plans of work of different departments.


Anatoliy has demonstrated the trains of a highly-qualified researcher. He often reported the results of new research, and made presentation at conferences. The Institute's administration appreciated Anatoliy's effective work by raising his salary and entrusting him with tasks demanding high responsibility.


At the same time Anatoliy managed to successfully participate in the social life of our institution. Being the department trade union leader, he actively supported people who needed help and was the initiator of parties and entertainment programs at the institute.


On restructuring the institute in 1990, Anatoliy was appointed to work under my supervision. As the chief of department, I was satisfied with Anatoliy's ability to quickly adapt to work in the new line of research. He took on responsibilities of the team leader and system analyst, while working on the computer-aided assembly design of ventilation for atomic power plants. To better understand the work of programmers, he mastered computer programming. While working out the algorithms for this project, he used a new approach of Object-Oriented Programming. Computer technologies were always used in all Anatoliy's further research.


The economic situation in the country left research institutions without support, and Anatoliy had to start his private business. Although Anatoliy was successful in this line too, his calling is research work, which is proved by 26 publications, including 9 inventions. Besides commerce, his private firm was also working on development of educational and business software.


Anatoliy's personal qualities were rewarded with his colleagues' love and respect. It would expect Anatoliy Borodin to bring all these qualities of character along with excellent vocational skills to your university. I give Anatoliy my recommendations and very much hope that you will consider his application favorably. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need further information. (Russian)


Office: (+380) 6242-53492

Home: (+380) 6242-...



Sincerely Yours,


Georgiy Bazayants,

Doctor of Technical Sciences. Professor of Science


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