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In my childhood I searched through all regional libraries trying to find a science fiction book I had not read.  I evaluated the books by the novelty of the ideas and the originality of approach, with which the characters treated some problems.  That kind of books influenced my choice of the profession; I decided to become a physicist.  I think that my inventive skills were born while reading science fiction.

At the age of 12 I constructed my first low-frequency amplifier.  At 14 I made my first radio station.  In the last years of high-school I attended some courses in radio-electronics and received a certificate of a radio and TV repairs specialist.  All this helped me enter the prestigious Department of Physics at the Donetsk State University, Ukraine.  Owing to my experiences, I felt very comfortable in the laboratories stuffed with all kinds of electronic equipment and I was successful at the University.

I had my internship at the Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering, the dream work-place of all of my classmates.  I feel gratified when I look back at the work I did at that Institute, while writing my thesis.  On the one hand, I felt as if I were at some sacred place, but on the other hand, I felt as comfortable as at home.  We – students - often followed the example of our professors and worked in the laboratories till late at night.

My thesis on “Research of the Properties of Cylindrical Magnet Domains” was written at the level of invention and was ranked as one of the best in my graduating class.  My dream came true – the Academy of Science of the USSR invited me to work at this Institute.

Due to a number of reasons, I had to go to work to a small town of Horlivka at All-Union Heat Engineering Institute (AUHEI), affiliated to a center in Moscow.  The very first days at the Institute convinced me that I was better fit for academic work than for the applied sciences.  A year passed, and I changed my attitude towards applied sciences.  I discovered that a true scientist could find an interesting research topic in any subject.

Our department worked on different projects.  At the time, my research interests were around testing atomic power plant shells for containment, research of heat and mass exchange in a whirl stream of a cyclone heat-exchanger, and work on the electronic systems of design automation.  The projects and their subject-areas changed radically almost every year.  Getting a new task, I almost could not use the experience, accumulated in previous projects.  The effect of this work was two-sided; I learnt to acquire expertise in a new totally unfamiliar field, but, on the other hand, if I continued to work in one specialization I would have accumulated enough results for a Ph.D. dissertation.

To get some funding for my research, I started a private business.  The unstable economic situation in the country, however, made me take on all kinds of business activities to stay afloat.  I ended up dealing with retail and wholesales, and also worked on commercial and educational software development.

No matter how loaded I was with administrative work, I found time to learn C++ and Java, as well as other new technologies of design where UML and CASE-tools were used.  I am amazed at what a researcher can do knowing how to use these tools.

I learnt about your program through my son, who is currently studying for his Master’s Degree in Computer Science.  I got interested in the program due to its linkage of computer technologies and research in electronics.  I also found a professor who is ready to be my research advisor.

Courses in the field will allow me to rebuild and refresh my formal knowledge in the field.  And my research work would give me the possibility to specialize in one area, master the modern technologies, which were not available before, and write a dissertation.

I am applying for a Ph.D. program to your Department, hoping that it will allow me to get back to scientific work and continue my research in the field of Semiconductor Devices and Quantum Electronics, which was my major, and, also, my passion, during my work at the Donetsk Institute of Physics and Technology.

I hope to quickly acquire the skills, necessary for successful work in a modern research laboratory, and to be able to make a considerable contribution to science while getting my Ph.D.  No doubt the experience acquired at your Department will allow me to be successful in my future work.


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