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Founded in 1937 in the city of Stalino (the present Donetsk) as State Pedagogical Institute, Donetsk National University is now one of the leading universities in Ukraine.  After a brief period of time, when it operated as a branch of Kharkiv State University, the former Institute was reorganized into Donetsk State University in 1965, which was also the year when the Department of Physics was established.   

The University awards Baccalaureate and Master’s degrees in 33 fields of Natural and Social Sciences and the Humanities.  It has ties with universities and higher educational institutions across the country and abroad.  Donetsk National University is a member of the Eurasian Association of Universities, the European University Association (EUA) and the European Council.

Administration Bldg.

Physics Bldg.














Administration Bldg.

On September 11, 2000 the University was awarded the status of “national higher institution” and renamed into Donetsk National University, which is a great honor both for the employees and the students.  In my heart, however, I will always stay the graduate of State University, and my diploma will bear the words "Donetsk State University" forever.


Unfortunately, the picture of the Physics Department Building does not give an idea of how big and beautiful it really is.  Neither can you see the small beer-house located across the road where my classmates and I spent a lot of quality time.


I graduated from the Physics Department of Donetsk State University in 1972 and obtained a special invitation to work at the Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering – all of my classmates’ dream workplace where I had my internship.  Eventually, however, for a number of reasons, I went to work to the Southern Branch of All-Union Thermal Engineering Institute.

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