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I am Anatoliy Borodin, a Ph. D. student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Stony Brook University.

I entered the University in the fall of 2005.  Each semester I have to introduce myself to my new classmates in each class I take, which is not easy to do because my story seems a bit complicated.  Here it is. Although I am Russian who was born in Kazakhstan, I am a citizen of Ukraine.  Although I am a student right now, I had graduated from Donetsk State University as a physicist and then worked as a scientist at Southern Branch of All-Union Thermal Engineering Institute.  In spite of my dream to work as a scientist, I had to start and then retire from my own business.  Not only my wife, but also  my son had entered American universities before I did.  Now my son and I are working towards our Ph. D. degrees in the same university.

I hope my Web site will help me illustrate my story.  Visitors will  get acquainted with my home country and its realias.  Some of the realias are so different from those in the US or other countries that I will specifically focus on them in my Essays and Photo Gallery.   

I had to go through a number of obstacles before I landed at Stony Brook University.  I had to get a visa at the Embassy of the US in Ukraine, take TOEFL and TSE, and get used to a new life.  Since a lot of people are in the same boat, I hope my Web site will come in handy in sharing our experience.

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