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Athens, OH 2004

Unfortunately, I was not able to take all the pictures I wanted.  If you compared my album with the album published on The Athens News' Web site you would notice that only one picture shows the same Halloween costume.  Moreover, I had not even seen the other costumes at the parade, except that of Gollum.  It's a pity that many of the costumes one could see at the parade cannot be found either in Athens News' or my albums.

Oops! I've removed the link to The Athens News' album. It is out of date.

Halloween in Athens


Athens, OH 2004
Someone will say that my choice of decorations for this gallery is far from the best.  I won't argue about that.  As a matter of fact, I took these pictures on the way to Wal-Mart, while I was walking there to do my weekly shopping.

And some more....
I cannot help treating you some more pictures of Christmas decorations my son sent to me.  They were taken when he was visiting his friend in Olean, NY, December, 2002.


Christmas Lights

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