Premise: Everyone feels blue once in awhile and needs the support of others to help them through dark times.

Story: Blue, a dark and depressed pixel, is constantly followed by darkness, but with of the help of other bright and happy pixels, Blue and friends team together to form a single pixel person, Big Blue, and Blue becomes happy again.

Objective: The story of Blue and friends will be told through an animation short featuring 3D modeling and animation.

3D Models: The pixels of this story will all be represented as 3D cubes. While the model is very simple, the ideas of teamwork and support will be expressed through using over 300 cube models to represent each pixel character. The model of Big Blue will be a structure of all 338 pixel characters stacked together.

Animation: This animation short focuses heavily on the animation, the movement and interaction, of individual pixel characters. Some of the pixel characters will be animated to show that even the actions of an individual can make a difference.

Audience: The intended audience for this animation is very young children, however anyone of any age may enjoy it.