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Ahmed Hassan

CSE 102 HomeWork 1.
Spring Semester - 108777877

Welcome to my website. My name is Ahmed Hassan and i am a junior attending stony brook. I major in Technological Systems managment with a specialization in Computer Science. I've been interested in computers from a young age, growing up as a kid playing computer games, much joy was derrived from this precise meeting of highly engineered hardware and software. My interest remained and i began learning to code through my late adolesence, starting off with visual basic and then moving on to C++. It continues to be a hobby of mine and something i believe i always will always maintain a strong interest for, whether it ends up being for profesional obligations or just as a hobbyist.

I intend to graduate next year with my degree in TSM ( w/ Comp Sci Specialization) . Lately i've been studying for the LSAT ( entry exam used by law schools), as i intend to pursue law post graduation.

Linked below is my Resume and a page dedicated to my Interests. Thanks for your time

Created on Tue Feburary 16 2016