Ahmed Hassan.
Spring Semester - 108777877


Web Development, Computer Programming (JAVA / C++), Computer Graphics & Image Editing (Photoshop & CAD), Video editing (Linear Video Editing; Sony Vegas)


Due to the nature of this contentious and surprising political season we are experiencing, i thought it would be fitting to mention politics and how it is one of my interests. Though i've migrated through the political spectrum, politics has always been a source of fascination, cynicism and resignation. As alluded to my resume page, i have participated on a volunteer/work capacity in a few political camapaigns, utilizing my limited technical abilities.


Though i do watch a ton of basketball ( LETS GO KNICKS ) Soccer has been the primary sport i watched and played over the years.Being born outside of the US, i was indoctrinated into this, but i really do appreciate the massive popluarity of this sport and how it has allowed me to share many enjoyable moments with people from many different parts of the world that i've met at stony brook. I used to play in highschool and i currently play any chance i get.

Created on Tue Feburary 16 2016