Hello reader, my name is Amy Nan. I really like potatoes, though my favorite everything is orange. I didn't choose the orange life, the orange life chose me. I was born into this forsaken world in 1996 as a little mandarin. Coincidentally, I speak mandarin at home with my roommate. I am currently 17 years old, rotting my way into the mOLDy life. I am currently taking a web design class at Stony Brook University. In this class, I've learned a lot about HTML and CSS. I've learned how to create tables, navigation bars, insert pictures, and how to operate hyperlinks. I've also learned how to style my web pages so they don't look poorly made! Above is a navigation bar to some web pages I've made so far for this class which consist of some of my favorite things. Forgive me if they look a little plain, I'm still a beginner after all!

Amy Nan's Favorite Things

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