Tokyo, Japan


     Japan is a vast nation full of wonderful goodies and products that make the world go round. It's sense of style and ideas of entertainment are part of the more important aspects of their culture. Day and night, the people of Japan spend time to promote their culture. They make games, anime, manga, and music to share across the world. Many tourists come to Japan because they're attracted by the beauty of Japan through Japan's anime and music. Some iconic places such as Akihabara and Tokyo are where most of this type of culture can be found in Japan.

     Other types of culture found in Japan include sumo wrestling, bamboo crafts, agricultural products, and various meats. With each prefecture a person visits, they would be able to enjoy many variations of a product all unique in their own way. For example, a good chunk of Japan produces meat, but the meat produced from each area tastes different. Every part of Japan also produces their own type of accessory. Some parts will sell wind chimes and other parts will sell specially carved wood toys.

Specialty Products by Cities in Japan
City Product
Ota Nori the Black Paper Seaweed
Tsugaru Agricultural Products
Sanuki Bamboo Crafts
Hachimantai Spinach
Shizuoka Wasabi

      My favorite city in Japan is Tokyo. Tokyo is often regarded as the heart of Japan. The city is always bustling with excitement and noise. Within Tokyo, a lot of new products and trends tend to appear there first; it can almost be compared to the Big Apple AKA New York City in the United States. A lot of people like to visit Tokyo to sightsee and shop because it has many popular products unique to Japan. Some examples would be the famous Kit Kat chocolates and Elecom Fruit Beats Earbuds.

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