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activateWorkspace(BorderPane) - Method in class components.AppWorkspaceComponent
When called this function puts the workspace into the window, revealing the controls for editing work.
addBadGuess(char) - Method in class data.GameData
addGoodGuess(char) - Method in class data.GameData
addProperty(String, String) - Method in class propertymanager.PropertyManager
addPropertyOption(String, String) - Method in class propertymanager.PropertyManager
AppComponentsBuilder - Interface in components
This interface provides the structure required for a builder object used for initializing all components for this application.
AppDataComponent - Interface in components
This interface provides the structure for data components in our applications.
AppFileComponent - Interface in components
This interface provides the structure for file components in our applications.
AppFileController - Class in controller
This class provides the event programmed responses for the file controls that are provided by this framework.
AppFileController(AppTemplate) - Constructor for class controller.AppFileController
Constructor to just store the reference to the application.
AppGUI - Class in ui
This class provides the basic user interface for this application, including all the file controls, but it does not include the workspace, which should be customizable and application dependent.
AppGUI(Stage, String, AppTemplate) - Constructor for class ui.AppGUI
This constructor initializes the file toolbar for use.
AppGUI(Stage, String, AppTemplate, int, int) - Constructor for class ui.AppGUI
applicationTitle - Variable in class ui.AppGUI
AppMessageDialogSingleton - Class in ui
This class serves to present custom text messages to the user when events occur.
appPane - Variable in class ui.AppGUI
AppPropertyType - Enum in settings
This enum provides properties that are to be loaded via XML files to be used for setting up the application.
AppStyleArbiter - Interface in components
This interface serves as a family of type that will initialize the style for some set of controls, like the workspace, for example.
AppStyleArbiter.BUTTON_TYPE - Enum in components
apptemplate - package apptemplate
AppTemplate - Class in apptemplate
AppTemplate() - Constructor for class apptemplate.AppTemplate
appTemplate - Variable in class controller.AppFileController
appTemplate - Variable in class data.GameData
AppWorkspaceComponent - Class in components
This abstract class provides the structure for workspace components in our applications.
AppWorkspaceComponent() - Constructor for class components.AppWorkspaceComponent
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