Virtual Reality, The New Era

By Andersson Lora

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Ever since virtual reality was introduced back in 1962 and improved over the years, it has led to an increase of beneficial effects in today’s fields such as the entertainment industry, sport industry, military field, art industry, architecture, etc. Today we can see an increase in the use of virtual reality product. These products range from the video game consoles, smartphones, to our own personal computers. Virtual reality is used by professionals in varies industry to simulate scenarios to train them for their career and it also simulates different kinds of scenarios so that these professionals learn how to deal with any type of situation. “It will affect industries far and wide, ranging from healthcare and education, all the way to entertainment and commerce. Fully-immersive environments and surreal experiences are just some of the ways that virtual reality is going to change the world” ( R.L. Adams, 2016, October 17) . Industries around the world are already being affect by virtual reality. We can see Samsung implementing virtual reality as a standard to their latest phone line. Companies such as YouTube and Sony are implementing software compatibilities to support virtual reality technology. YouTube as recently added a feature in which you can watch a 360 degree virtual reality on YouTube. This allows the user to have a more immersive experience with the video. With the recent addition of virtual reality videos, content creators are able to target a new market and audience, while creating new and videos that can spark the entertainment industry. Here is a link to YouTube’s official Virtual Reality channel with tons of engaging content.

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As more companies innovate virtual reality into their products, usage of this technology will skyrocket into the next decade. “With mass adoption through platforms like Oculus, HTC Vive, Cardboard and Playstation's VR, consumers and businesses alike have already begun flocking to virtual-and-augmented-reality platforms as they come online” (R.L Adams, 2016, October 17). Not only is virtual reality/ augmented reality going to change every industry on Earth, but it’s going to have a significant impact on the entertainment industry. In the entertainment industry, “The immersive platform is the absolute perfect means for experiencing a story in realistic first-person, so much so that even the blandest of stories seems to come to life and give us a new way of seeing things that we normally overlook” (Harold Stark, 2017, July 8). People now a days want more entertainment and they want to immerse themselves so that they can get their adrenaline pumping.

Popular Virtual Reality Accessories
Samsung: Samsung Gear VR
Google: Google VR
Sony: PlayStation's VR
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The end goal of virtual reality is to simulate a real-world, or imagined-world, experience in a digital form. With virtual reality, it teleports the player/user into a different realm. You can get this experience through special VR headsets and can range from cheap to expensive products. Currently there is Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR as well as Google’s cardboard. With augmented reality, its goal is to enhance the experience by using digital methods to overlay information or content over the real world. You can experience this by using products such as a camera which overlays info over the real world, Microsoft HoloLens, or Google Glasses.

Virtual Reality Profit Estimates
Profit in 2014 $30 million
Profit in 2015 $2.3 billion
Profit Estimate for 2018 $5.2 billion
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It is said that “Hardware and software in the space will rake in an estimated $2.3 billion in revenue for 2015 worldwide, vs. $90 million in 2014, according to research data from Statista. By 2018, the firm expects sales of virtual reality products to reach $5.2 billion” (Althea Chang, 2015, December 18). As a result of the increase in usage of this technology, the market is going to quickly expand and be worth billions of dollars in the near future.

In conclusion, the VR/ AR market has a bright future, with a potential growth market work more than a billion dollars. The future of ours might have a drastic with new inventions and uses with this type of product.


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