What I like to do

I'm good at changing the subject. I'm also pretty good at making people feel good about themselves if I try to. In my free time I like to surround myself with people and to listen to their stories. I also love going on spontaneous adventures with friends and exploring new places. My best friends and I share a love for food and trying new foods; this love for food definitely plays a part in holding our 7 year friendship together. One thing I love to do that most people dread is cleaning my room. I have a lot of things because I spend my paychecks buying clothes and endless trinkets and home goods. I also love to keep myself busy which brings me to one thing I consider myself pretty awesome at- balancing my life with school, work, and social life. I use google calendars and keep a planner on me at all times so I can conveniently jot down little notes of what I have to do.

Author: Annie Zeng