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saveButton - Variable in class ui.AppGUI
saved - Variable in class controller.AppFileController
saveData(AppDataComponent, Path) - Method in interface components.AppFileComponent
saveData(AppDataComponent, Path) - Method in class data.GameDataFile
SCHEMA_STANDARD_SPEC_URL - Static variable in class xmlutils.XMLUtilities
setBadGuesses(Set<Character>) - Method in class data.GameData
setCurrentWorkFile(File) - Method in class controller.AppFileController
setDiscovered(int) - Method in class controller.HangmanController
setGameData(AppDataComponent) - Method in class apptemplate.AppTemplate
setGoodGuesses(Set<Character>) - Method in class data.GameData
setProgress(Text[]) - Method in class controller.HangmanController
setRemainingGuesses(int) - Method in class data.GameData
setTargetWord(String) - Method in class data.GameData
settings - package settings
setupHandlers() - Method in class gui.Workspace
setWorkspace(Pane) - Method in class components.AppWorkspaceComponent
Mutator method for setting the custom workspace.
show(String, String) - Method in class ui.AppMessageDialogSingleton
This method loads a custom message into the label and then pops open the dialog.
show(String, String) - Method in class ui.YesNoCancelDialogSingleton
This method loads a custom message into the label then pops open the dialog.
start(Stage) - Method in class apptemplate.AppTemplate
start() - Method in class controller.HangmanController
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