Welcome to my EST 100 Dreamweaver page. I used Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 to design, develop, and publish this website. This page shows the basic understanding of general layout and CSS styles, HTML tags, anchors, spans, and coding. This website displays three web pages with all three projects I completed in my EST100 class. The first Photoshop web page demonstrates my old family photos which I restored using Photoshop. This Dreamweaver web page contains an audio recording discussing all of my projects. The last web page, contains my Flash project. Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 was fairly intelligible and helpful with creating this website.

EST 100 Presentation




In order to create the website, I first had to learn about the basic elements such as the heading, paragraph, line break, or the phrase elements, necessary in programing. It was important to understand the proper nesting and coding before starting this project. My webpage was hosted on an UNIX- based system called Sparky and is now accessible via an online URL. I created different sections such as the header, container, nav, middle, right, and left columns, as well as the footer, which were necessary to wrap all the contents of each web page. This provided the overall framework for the page. As someone who had no previous experience with programing and coding, this project was definitely challenging at times.