Welcome to my EST 100 demonstration page. This page shows basic understanding of Photoshop. I used Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 to restore three old, family photographs. Although some of Photoshop's tools might at first seem a little confusing, this program is fairly easy to understand and navigate. It is extremely helpful in changing the tone and quality of old as well as new photographs. The before and after results are displayed on the right. I chose these specific photographs because of the significance of them to my family members. Learning about Photoshop and restoring these important family photographs was my favorite part of the class. I hope you enjoy this page!



I started restoring all three photographs by cropping the unnecessary corners. Next I changed the quality of the colors by going back and forth between auto tone, auto contrast, and auto color. I used the spot healing brush and the healing brush tool to fix any dust spots present. I adjusted the brightness and the contrast. I also changed the image and canvas size to the desired size. Finally, the dodge tool was helpful in making some parts of the photographs lighter while the burn tool made other parts darker. In case of the black and white photographs, I created multiple layers to color in different parts of the photographs, such as the boy's skin or the boy's sweater, (shown on the left).