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handleExitRequest() - Method in class controller.AppFileController
This method will exit the application.
handleExitRequest() - Method in interface controller.FileController
handleExitRequest() - Method in class controller.HangmanController
handleLoadRequest() - Method in class controller.AppFileController
handleLoadRequest() - Method in interface controller.FileController
handleLoadRequest() - Method in class controller.HangmanController
handleNewRequest() - Method in class controller.AppFileController
Starts the process of editing new Work.
handleNewRequest() - Method in interface controller.FileController
handleNewRequest() - Method in class controller.HangmanController
handleSaveRequest() - Method in class controller.AppFileController
This method will save the current course to a file.
handleSaveRequest() - Method in interface controller.FileController
handleSaveRequest() - Method in class controller.HangmanController
hangman - package hangman
Hangman - Class in hangman
Hangman() - Constructor for class hangman.Hangman
HangmanController - Class in controller
HangmanController(AppTemplate, Button) - Constructor for class controller.HangmanController
HangmanController(AppTemplate) - Constructor for class controller.HangmanController
HangmanProperties - Enum in hangman
hasProperty(Object) - Method in class propertymanager.PropertyManager
hint() - Method in class controller.HangmanController
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