334 Term Project Proposal

Brandon Cuadrado


"Origami in Flight"


Origami is the folding of paper into two or three-dimensional objects, an art form which originated in Japan.  Although it began as an art form of the 15th century, origami has expanded to hold a role in many other cultures, including American popular culture.  Origami is beautiful, intricate, yet requires few resources.

One of the most popular origami folds in American culture is the crane.  The crane is an easy-to-learn design which many high school and undergraduate-aged students attempt to reconstruct in dorm rooms or bedrooms at home.  In many Asian cultures, the crane is a symbol of eternal youth.  This is an idea that I believe many youths try to express when making origami cranes.

This project will begin with an origami egg sitting on a coffee table, which then unfolds and refolds into a crane.  The crane will fly around a living room.  In first person view, the crane will fly down beneath tables, through legs of furniture, and high above TVs and other tall furniture.  Camera angles will be used to make the pieces of furniture seem grandiose in scale to one another, especially at the viewpoint of a paper crane.  The crane will eventually get caught up in the gust of a fan and blow back onto the coffee table.  It will then unfold and reveal a message on the paper, which reads "The End".


To use graphics, video, and animation to illustrate the creation, flight, and unfurling of an origami crane. Audio will provide background music that highlights the innocence and intricacy of the crane symbol. A 3D model of a coffee table, chairs, television, and a fan will be made, as well as the model for a paper which folds into an egg and a crane.


It's anticipated that the audience for this piece would be high school and undergraduate students who attempt to emulate the art and meaning of an origami crane in their own lives.  The animation will then allow the audience to assume the viewpoint of the crane.



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Title Screen
Origami Egg
Living Room
Origami Crane