Nouvelle Amoreaux


Pate Maison - $10
served with cornichons
Crepe au Fromage de Chevre - $11
crepe baked with goat cheese, spinach and prosciutto, garnished with a red brandy cream sauce
Crepe au Fromage de Brie - $11
brie cheese crepe topped with bechamel sauce and gratineed with swiss cheese

Soup and Salads

Soupe du Jour - $5
the chef's special creation
Soupe a l'Oignon - $6
onion soup gratineed with swiss cheese
Salade Douce et Amere - $5.50
field greens with prosciutto, sun-dried cherries and cassis vinaigrette


Moules Marinieres ou a la Creme avec Pommes Frites - $19.50
mussels steamed, with or without cream, in garlic wine sauce and served with french fries
Poulet aux Porto - $20.50
chicken breast tenderloin sauteed with a white port wine mushroom cream sauce
Poulet a la Provencale - $20.50
chicken breast tenderloin sauteed with garlic, leeks, tomatoes, capers and white wine


Green Beans Broccoli Freedom Fries
Squash Frogs Legs Escargo
Van Gogh (Human Ear a la carte) Seventh Son Bucket of Water


Banana Walnut and Ice Cream Crepe $8
Carmelized Apples and Maple Crepe $8
Oh yes
Ice Cream Chocolate Almond Sundae Crepe $8


Author: Bailey Gorman