Published Works

Newman, Benjamin J.  "Acculturating Contexts and Anglo Opposition to Immigration in the U.S."   Forthcoming at the American Journal of Political Science

Newman, Benjamin J., Todd K. Hartman, and Charles S. Taber. "Social Dominance and the Cultural Politics of Immigration."  Forthcoming at Political Psychology

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Newman, Benjamin J. and Brandon L. Bartels. 2011. "Politics at the Checkout Line: Explaining Political Consumerism in the United States." Political Research Quarterly 64(4): 803-817.

Article Manuscript Under Review

Newman, Benjamin J., Todd K. Hartman, Stanley Feldman, and Patrick Lown. "Easing the Heavy Hand: Humanitarian Concern, Empathy, and Opinion on Immigration."

Newman, Benjamin J. "Unfamiliar Others: Contact with Unassimilated Immigrants, Cultural Threat, and Opinion on Immigration."

Hartman, Todd K., Benjamin J. Newman, and Charles S. Bell.  "Decoding Prejudice toward Hispanics: Group Cues and Public Reactions to Threatening Immigrant Behavior."  

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Johnston, Christopher D., Benjamin J. Newman, and Yamil Velez. "Ethnic Change, Personality, and Polarization Over Immigration in the American Public."

Newman, Benjamin J., Joshua Johnson, and Patrick Lown. "The 'Daily Grind'  and its Impact on Political Participation."

Working Papers and Research in Progress

Newman, Benjamin J., Yamil Velez, Todd K. Hartman, and Alexa Bankert. "Are Citizens 'Receiving the Treatment'? Assessing a Key Link in Contextual Theories of Public Opinion and Political Behavior." (In preparation for journal submission)

Velez, Yamil, Benjamin J. Newman, and Howard Lavine. "Nowhere to Run: Analyzing the Interaction of Proximal and Distal Ethnic Contexts on Opinion on Immigration." (In preparation for journal submission)

Johnston, Christopher D., and Benjamin J. Newman. "Local Income Inequality and Support for Income Redistribution." (In preparation for journal submission)

Newman, Benjamin J., and Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz. "Ethnic Change, Social Capital, and Citizenship and Political Engagement in the U.S." (Data Analysis)

Newman, Benjamin J. "Ethnic Change, Acculturation, and Social Capital in American Communities." (Data Analysis)

Newman, Benjamin J., Christopher D. Johnston, and Patrick Lown. "The Politics of Localism: Exploring the Occurence and Ideology of Localist Political Activism." (Book Project; Data Collection)

Newman, Benjamin J., and David Perkins. "Shirking One's Duty and Denigrating the Dutiful: The Utilization of Negative Motive Attributions of Political Activists to Justify Nonparticipation." (Data Collection & Analysis)