Last Modified 02/19/2016 11:35:41 Author: Bowen Liu What I like

What I like

Personally, I like a lot of things. Going out, working out, spending time with friends, anything's fine. Of course, studying is a bit of a chore but it's one of those things I signed up for, so nothing to say about that.

I really like road biking though. If anyone is interested in road biking or has a group to road bike with, hit me up over the summer! I'd love to come! I also love swimming, but well that's more of a solo sport in my opinion.

Oh, and I do like salty stuff as well. Sweet stuff has to be fruity sweet, not pastry sweet. I know, I'm picky with food. I like leafy greens though!

I also like typing little short stories. If we ever come back to this in an assignment, I'll type a little story as an extra.

Why does this sound like a dating profile?