Project Proposal

This is my finnal project proposal:


“To write or not to write”

The lonely pen, something not many may ever think about. The majority of the population never even considers where the pen they are writing with comes from; China, Japan, maybe the USA? Pen making is becoming a vanishing art.

While the invention of the modern ballpoint pen can be dated back to the late 1800’s, the first record of recording words with a tool can be found back from around 4000 BC when the first scratchings on clay pots have been recovered. Today’s pens are mostly made of metal or plastic and rarely wood. Some people may have never seen a wood pen; however, wood pens are unique in that every one of them is different. They have a personality that their plastic and metal counterparts simply do not posses.

You may ask, how does one make a pen out of wood? A great question; to make a pen out of wood one must transform the basic components and raw materials into a work of art using a tool called a lathe. The lathe spins the pen blank, a rectangular block of wood or acrylic, at high speeds while one works the material with woodturning chisels.  There are a variety of finishing steps including sanding, polishing, and assembling to makes these materials into a pen. The finished product is a sculpture that can be used and enjoyed for years.

To recreate the transformation of these raw materials into a finished product from start to end. The product will be a short animation of a lathe with the pen blank spinning and being worked into a pen. There will not be any characters in the animation, just the tools working the material into the finished product. Many photos will be taken of the process, step by step to recreate it in the animation. The background of the animation will take place in a garage/woodshop setting. At the end of the transformation from material into a pen, the pen will jump off the lathe and join its other “friends” off to the side in a sort of animated cartoonish way.


The audience that this animation will interest should be anyone with an interest in woodworking or art. It can be appealing to both high school students and college students alike. Individuals with a background in math may also find this animation interesting as there is a fair amount of measuring and calculation to make a perfect pen and the symmetry of the pen itself. Overall this animation should be appealing to just about anyone that comes across it.



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