My Coursework Resume at Stony Brook University

Fall 2016

These are the classes I am taking this semester:

Biochemistry I
Physics for the Life Sciences II
PHY 124
Physics for the Life Sciences II Laboratory
CHE 327
Organic Chemistry Laboratory
EST 201
Technological Trends in Society
CSE 102
Introduction to Web Design and Programming

I am also currently involved in three activities that aren't exactly like typical classes, but I receive credit for them:

CHE 476
Organic Chemistry Teaching Assistant
SCH 488
University Scholars Mentoring Program
BCP 487
Research in Pharmacology

Previous Semesters

Lastly, this is a table of courses I have taken in the past:

Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Fall 2015 Spring 2016
CHE131 CHE132 CHE321 CHE322
CHE133 CHE134 BIO203 PHY121
SPN111 SPN112 MUS119 PHY123
SSO101 SSO102 BIO204 BIO205
MAT132 AMS110 POL102 AMS210
WRT102 EGL111 CHE475 AMS361
BIO 202

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Author: Bryan Chan