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Fall 2014

AMS 161
Applied Calculus II
CDT 208
Introduction to Media Technology
CSE 110
Introduction to Computer Science
ITS 101
Introduction to Stony Brook
PHY 131
Classical Physics I
PHY 133
Classical Physics Laboratory I
WRT 102
Intermediate Writing Workshop

Spring 2015

AMS 210
Applied Linear Algebra
CSE 114
Computer Science I
CSE 215
Foundations of Computer Science
PHY 132
Classical Physics II
PHY 134
Classical Physics Laboratory II
WSE 187
Women in the Laboratory: Introduction to Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Research

Fall 2015

AMS 475
Undergraduate Teaching Practicum
CSE 214
Computer Science II
CSE 220
Systems Fundamentals I
EXT 288
GEO 102
The Earth
GEO 112
Physical Geology Laboratory
WSE 242
Society and Gender in Science and Engineering

Spring 2016

AMS 310
Survey of Probability and Statistics
ARS 488
CCS 101
Introduction to Cinema & Cultural Studies
CSE 102
Introduction to Web Design and Programming
CSE 219
Computer Science III
CSE 312
Legal, Social, and Ethical Issues in Information Systems
CSE 475
Undergraduate Teaching Practicum

Author: Carmen Lin