Hello there! Here's more about me!

My name is Christina Lo. I am currently a Junior at Stony Brook University and studing Biochemistry and Anthropology. I am also a part of the Honors College. Enough about boring school stuff, here are some things about me:

An interesting thing about myself is my family. Though I am an only child, both my parents come from very large families. My mother has 6 siblings and my father has 4 sisters. This means that my extended family is very large, and I am close to quite a few of my cousins. I'd like to think that I have the benefits of having siblings without living and fighting with them. ;P

One hobby that I have is art. I love to draw and create art pieces. I find it really relaxing and stress relieving. It is an escape from any school or personal troubles as well as a creative outlet. One of my favorite mediums to use is pastels because I love the way you can blend different colors. My favorite piece I've made (pictured below) was created using pastels. I've actually stopped doing art in college in order to focus more on my studies, but I hope to pick it up again soon!

leopard picture
A lepord portrait I made from pastels for my Junior year high school art project.

Another hobby that I enjoy is reading. Though most people may find it a bore, I'd like to think of reading as an escape into different worlds. From elementary school, I would go to the public library near my house and check out bunches of books every week. I went so often that the librarians would recognize me. However, this does not mean that I enjoy reading academic text. I love fantasy and sci-fi worlds that are much different from everyday life.

six of crows and throne of glass
Two of my favorite book series: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo and Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.

Though one may not call it an interest, I enjoy hanging out with friends. Since high school ended, I have discovered how easy it is to lose touch with people I was once close to. Because of this I make a point to see my friends as much as possible, though it is difficult due to busy and conflicting schedules. I love my friends dearly and they definitely helped shape me into the person that I am today.

my friends
Some of my closest friends from high school (left to right): Wen, Grace, Kim, Sharon, and Me!

That's it for a brief rundown of some of my favorite hobbies and interests. Thanks for reading!

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