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Please read the assignment below.  Click all the links.  When you are done click the assignment link below.  When you are done with this lesson you should understand what the Electronic Patient Record is and how it will ultimately improve healthcare.


The Electronic Patient Record

Electronic Patient Record/Computerized Patient Record

The institute of medicine, National Academy of Science (distinguished committee) issued a report calling for the development of a national system of a computer-based patient record in 1991.  The Electronic Patient Record (EPR) is a patients entire medical history stored electronically.  The ready availability of complete medical records should improve the quality of patient care to an aging and highly mobile population.  The productivity of healthcare workers would be enhanced since essential demographic and medical information would need to be captured and entered into the system only once, avoiding unnecessary duplication of effort.  Information on insuracne coverage and eligibility would be available electronically to physicians, hospital, and other providers of health services.

With the advent of HIPAA, many organizations are currently planning to build a data warehouse (database) containing complete clinical, financial, and administrative data on every patient.  These repositories of patient records will be "virtual" systems in which the data is distributed across a number of departmental systems. 


Breaking Away From Paper


Journey of the EPR

The Paper Record vs. the Electronic Patient Record

Confidentiality of patient record 

Patient Confidentiality 

Outcomes Research 


Example of an Electronic Patient Record




Assignment 3