3-D Shaded Models/ Scenes

Scene 1

Scene 2

Screencap of mudhut:

Scene 1: At first, I used a metal texture for the f-16 but it didn't turn out the way I liked it. So what I ended up doing was just coloring it in through Photoshop. I used a background of a mountain that I found on google.
I added in the flags using Physics/cloth mod. Then I added in another object seperately, the hangar. Using UV mapping, I found some metal textures that looked decent and added that in.

Scene 2: For scene 2, I imported a mountain mesh from blender and used that as the setting. I then copyed and paste a bunch of little mud huts that I made seperatly.

Problems with rendering: you might be thinking why I took screen caps instead of just rendering it out. I forgot to add the materials for the textures. I'll update that as soon as I can. Probably by monday, 11/02/2015



The 2 Rendered Scenes