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Six Month Review: OnePlus 2

By: Christopher Quilla

oneplus22 oneplus2

Personally, to be able to do a 6 month review of the OnePlus 2 is remarkable, being that I have a terrible history of braking, losing phones. I’d like to say that the broken screens and drowned phones all had valid excuses and weren't necessarily my fault (don’t we all?), but at the end of the day, the phone no longer worked, and I needed a replacement. Enter, what I would like to call, the best specs for the buck phone, from the rising company OnePlus. Rising in the sense that it is rarely a household name, OnePlus has recently been creating extremely high end phones at outrageous competitive prices, putting to shame the commonly known Apple and Samsung giants. While searching for a replacement phone for my former Samsung galaxy s3 phone, what I really was searching for is a cheap phone with reasonable specifications. The OnePlus could not have been a better choice. At only 300 dollars, it’s processor, ram, camera, and display specifications completed and in some cases beaten the popular Iphone 6sand Samsung Galaxy s6 of the time. Currently, the Oneplus is still remarkable cheap compared to those phones, as the Galaxy s6 is roughly 280 dollars more expensive, while the Iphone 6s is twice the price of the OnePlus 2, at 600 dollars With 4 gb of Ram, I can switch from app to app calmly. The IPS LCD didn’t “warm” out the colors such as many Samsung devices, and kept them more “cool” and very realistic. The autofocus on the camera is extremely quick, making picture taking pleasant. The phone definitely doesn’t feel like a 300 dollar phone, considering the high end characteristics.

specs One Plus 2 Samsung S6 Iphone 6s
Camera 13 MP 16 MP 12MP
ppi pixel density 401 ppi 577 ppi 326 ppi
RAM 4gb 3gb 2gb
Basemark OS II benchmark 1942 1663 1252
PRICE $300 $582.99 $599.99
Body One Plus 2 Samsung S6 Iphone 6s
Weight 175 g 138 g 143 g
display 5.5 inch 5.1 inch 4.7 inch
Platform Android OS Android OS IOS

Best of both world

The OnePlus feels like a hybrid of both an apple and a android device, filling the hearts of many consumers the give credit to when both companies get is right. The OnePlus has a 3 option notification slider, with the ability to mute the phone entirely and edit the applications that can bypass this mute. A slider on a phone is not available on any of the new Samsung Galaxy devices or other popular android phones, and this is where they seem to be losing. Besides the slider, the speakers of the OnePlus are on the bottom of the phone, very much like Apple phones. And to make things even better, the charging cable can be plugged into the phone in either way, very similar to the apple lightning cord. The phone also has a fingerprint scanner, and two programmable touch buttons on either side of it. The operating system, OxygenOS, is very similar to that of stock android. Google Play Store is the primary appstore, and with the ability to root the device, the phone really does get the best of both worlds. With the phone having come out of the box with a screen protector installed, the screen is still in very new-like conditions, and having dropped it countless amount of times with a cheap plastic case, there is no signs of any chips! This phone is actually standing the test of time. In conclusion, the OnePlus is without a doubt the best phone for the price, and is still technologically competitive in today’s phone market. The phone is still as quick as the first day I got it, with OnePlus doing a great job in trying to keep the phone interface fresh with new updates. The company OnePlus is doing a great job in competing with the phone Giants, with it’s latest phone, the OnePlus 3T, having an absurd 6gb of RAM!! That is 2 gb of ram less than my home computer!

Overall, I really like this phone and hopeful that I will use it for a very long time...hopefully.

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