By Daniel Adeyemi

Cyberbullying is the harassment and bullying done on electronic devices. It is usually done to younger kinds and is hurtful towards the victim. Statics show that nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online. That makes nearly half of our kids in need of someone to protect them from the hurtful words others say. Growing up in Far rockaway queens , I’ve experienced physical bullying and cyberbullying so I can relate to all these kids. Over 80% of teens use a cell phone regularly. This means that no kid is safe these days. We need to educate teens on respect to fellow classmates and let each kid understand that each classmate has a different kind of lifestyle experience. We shouldn’t belittle anyone because they are different from us. Cyber bullying is easier than physical bullying and could be much more devastating. Having everyone in the school linked onto one platform could make one negative comment a wildfire of hatred. What could start off as a joke could end up hurting someone. According to victims are 2 to 9 more times likely to consider suicide. This goes to show you that mental health is an issue here. Kids should be educated on the role that positivity has in a classroom. They should be prompted to say something nice to classmate so they feel good. I’ve seen kids not come to school because of cyberbullying. As much as we try to address it now more needs to done. I remember first coming to America and not having fancy shoes like the rest of my classmates. I was bullied on social media because I didn’t have enough money to fit in with the other kids. At that time I really didn’t get as phased as other kids because I grew up in a tough Nigerian home but, that's not to say others like me won’t have the same resilience. There is so much more we can do to combat these issues so that kids around the world are safe.

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