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Since you're already here, you might as well get to know me, DANNY HAN, a bit:

I'm a pretty unique breed of Asian. With the whole One Child Policy in China, 24 year-old Chinese men like me are pretty much an endangered(?) species nowadays. But even amongst my male brethren, I'd say I stand out quite a bit seeing as how I have several physical features that only I possess:

  1. Black hair- like, as black as it can get
  2. Brown eyes- but when the light shines on them they're a real nice light-brown- super rare
  3. Bigger than average (Asian) eyes- mine aren't your stereotypical squinty Asian eyes... unless the sun is out; also a big hit with the ladies
  4. 5 foot 10 inch frame- even though this is average, it's still rare; most Asian men are shorter than average (Disclaimer: personal experience, may not be factually true)

Okay so maybe those weren't the best examples... I think these might be a bit better:

So nowadays I really like the color white but when I was younger, blue was more of my thing. Speaking of younger, let me tell you all about my life, since birth till now!

No, I'm just kidding... that would be too much. But if you're interested in learning more about me, feel free to click here. You'll find out more about my interests and talents there.

However, if you're here for professional reasons, this link will take you to a short resume of mine!

If neither of those options appeal to you, feel free to re-read my webpage from the top.

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Author: Danny Han