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 !  Senior Design Project : Chrominance Separation Filter

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The first part, (ESE440), of my senior design project.

Part 1 of Filter design

The second part, (ESE441), of my senior design project.

Part II of Filter design

As promised, here is an update on the physical portion of the project (as of 11/01/03):


11/1/2003 - This project is designed using only SMD (surface mount) components. For those of you undertaking high frequency design, you may want to consider the same as it reduces the lead lengths of resistor, capacitors and the IC's - which cuts down considerably on stray inductances and other parasitics that will drive you crazy when you are testing your circuits. I will be testing the device on Sunday most likely and post results no later than Tuesday I hope.

11/6/2003 - there is a snag in the project: it doesn't perform as expected. The 2nd and 7th amplifiers that are responsible for simulating resistors are sinking too much current. I am going to work on this issue this coming weekend.

04/4/2004 - As can be seen, I have been busy on other projects and have not addressed the current issue as of yet. I hope to try a new design very soon. In this design, the input impedance is 50 ohms, but, in testing it was 100 ohms.







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