A Glimpse of my World!

My name is Diandra Donkor, but most people know me as Dee. I grew up and currently reside in the Bronx, but my parents are of African descent, Ghana to be exact. I am very in tune with my Ghanaian culture and plan to visit for my fourth time this upcoming Christmas. Moving on, I am nineteen turning twenty November eighteenth. I accept Cash, Debit and even Paypal lol. I'm a highly energetic person and I'm always willing to take that risk. I'm that friend that will say YES, when everyone else says NO. I aspire to become an Pediatrician or a Neonatologist. I want to be able to travel the world as well while tending to the needs of children that are less fortunate.

Here is a picture of myself, I'm Real !

Resume Still In Progress...

My Talents & Hobbies

Author: Diandra Donkor