Requirements for Information Systems Major

The major in Information Systems leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. The following courses, totaling approximately 70 credits, are required. At least one of the courses under requirement A 2 below and all of the courses under requirements A 3 must be completed at Stony Brook.

All degree candidates must demonstrate skill in written Englist at a leve acceptable for Information System Majors. To satisfy the requirement, the ISE student must register for the writing couse ISE 300 (one credit) and either submit a techinal paper on work done in an upper division CSE or ISE course, or a 'user manual' from a departmental list of topics centering on the department's Information Systems facilities. Students whose writing does not meet the required standard will be directed to seek remedial help and to resubmit their work. Detailed guidelines are provided by the department. The requirement may also be met by registering con-currently for ISE 300 (0 credit) and EST 390 and earning a grade of C or higher in EST 390.