Information System Major

This is a new undergraduate program inauguarated in Fall. 1990. It prepares its graduates to design and manage computerized data-processing and decision-support systems. The program is technology-oriented, emphasizing the design and implementation aspects of large-scale information systems as well as the more traditional managerial and organizational issues, and it balances development of system engineering skills with learning to deliver reliable systems on time and within budget. Throughout the program, hte students are exposed to diverse applications areas, ranging from the traditional business, finance and accounting, through telecommunications, networks and database managament, to computer-aided design and industrial production management systems. The students are required to take a number of courses in business an management, and can easily accomplish a minor in that area. A full-scale design and implementation project for pre-defined "customer(s)" is mandatory during the senior year. This project as well as various opportunities for internships in industry provide the students with real-wrold experience.

  • Requirements for Information System Major
  • Information System Check List