My Classes

Here's a table sampling some of the courses I've taken at Stony Brook
Course Code Course Name A Brief Description
LIN 101 Introduction to Linguitics An inductory course surveying the core disciplines of linguistics: Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Semantics, and Syntax
KOR 111 Beginner Korean A course introducing the Korean language, including the writing system, Hangul, and useful basic expressions.
LIN 345 Writing Systems of the World A study of the origins and development of human writing systems, looking at three cases of independent origin: Chinese characters, Mayan Glyphs, and Cuneiform in the Middle East. Also explores classification and functionality of the world's different types of writing systems.
LIN 301 Phonology Teaches the student basic skills and methods used to analyse and understand phonological and morphophonological functions of various languages.
ANP 120 Biological Anthropology Explores the biological aspects of the origin of human life in the context of anthropology as a whole; discusses anatomy, primate behavior and evolution, and anthropological history.
MAT 125 Calculus I Basic calculus concepts including derivatives, logs, integrals, etc.
LIN 355 Language and Life in China A sociolinguistic class focused on language and how to relates to culture and life in China. Discusses various ethnic groups, language families, history, and cultural norms/behaviors.
PHI 200 Introduction to Ancient Philosophy A lecture focused on origins of philosophical thinking in and around Greece, and how various schools of thought developed and spread through the region.
HIN 111 Hindi A class introducing the Devanagari writing system and the HIndi language, with basic vocabulary, writing skills, and grammar.
LIN 431 Georgian A simulated field linguistics class teaching methodology for work in the field with native speakers of foreign languages. Centered on the Georgian language, with the help of a Georgian linguistics student in the role of speaker.

This is Mkhedruli, the Georgian writing system.

Author: David Lennard