My Hobbies and Interests

I like to keep busy, so I've got a variety of hobbies and pursuits that I spend my free time on.
As a Linguistics major, I naturally spend a lot of time studying other languages. Sometimes this is learning to speak, read, and write, or sometimes I'm just interested in some linguistic aspect of a language. Here's a list of all the languages of spent at least a decent amount of time studying:

In addition to this I've also spent many, many hours conlanging - or attempting to do so, anyways. I've got lots of bits and pieces of words and phrases, some large chunks of unfinished grammars, and probably a dozen or so total attempts at creating a language. Each time, I invariably get a bit frustrated with the way things are turning out, and usually that's when I stop for a while and switch to a new project. I'll finish a language someday, if that can be said to be possible.

I also play guitar; I took lessons at one point in time, but these days I prefer to just improv and make stuff up. I've got some chunks of music written, but as above, I'm pretty bad at finishing anything. I need to brush up on my music theory so that I have a better understanding of how to structure my improv playing, and that is my main goal right now.

Another one of my artistic pursuits is folding origami. I've succesfully followed tutorials to create a number of relatively complex models, but I've struggled to design any on my own. It's quite hard to find resources that teach methods or conceptual ways design on your own. My favorite model that I've folded is a gold foil ox that I have in my room.