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  The purpose of this page is to have a forum for open discussions on philosophical and scientific issues. As for now, the conversation is one dimensional (more like an editorial). However, in the future I hope I can post comments from our viewing audience (just until I can figure out how to get comments directly loaded onto the screen for everyone's viewing). I encourage anyone and everyone to respond to the issue at hand. Also, let me know if there is a 'special topic' of your own that you want discussed.


Today's Topic (and one of my favorites):   Life (and traveling) in the Universe.

  Believing that the rest of the Universe is lifeless is like still believing the 'world' is flat. Believing that interstellar travel is too far and forever impossible is like believing we will never cross the great oceans of the world or make it to the moon.   What I think we need is a some creative thinking and imagination.
  If humans are to persist, then one day we must cross the vastness of interstellar space. For those who think it is too far and impossible - who is to say that in the future, we will not be able to live a thousand years to make the journey ?   Who is to say that we will not be able to control our genes and aging ?
  Survival of any organism demands that the organism must leave its inevitably dying planet and its dying sun.   There are no alternatives.   How many times life must have ceased because organisms were not able to get up and leave ?   How rare it must be to have that ability ?   Humans have that ability.   If we are to survive, then we must become wanderers of the galaxy. (Intergalaxial travel is another issue !)
  Only the highest forms in the Universe, I imagine, would succeed.   If we fail, then the Universe has lost nothing great.   I think there is a natural law in this idea.   A visiting being from another planet (stay with me, now) would have neither the right to help us succeed, nor the right to deny us our success.
  The fact that we are here means life can occur in the Universe.   Why not on some other planet(s) as well ?   I could easily go on and on about this subject, but I don't want to make this too long.   I only wish that I could live to see the day that we become the visitors.   Your thoughts, comments ?

For your entertainment and to drive the point, here is a Hubble telescope image :

  This is called Hubble deepfield - showing some of the furthest galaxies ever observed.   Every smear of light on this image is another galaxy !   The arrow on the picture was at the time the furthest galaxy ever observed.
  There are estimated to be over a hundred billion galaxies (Our Milky Way is one galaxy) in the Universe.
  Each one of the hundred billion galaxies has approx. a hundred billion stars (Our Sun is one star) !



Possible future Special Topics :

  The Big Bang and The Ever-Expanding Universe ?
  Time and the Theory of Relativity.
  Evolution and Natural Selection.


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