My favorite sport to play is volleyball, beach or indoor. I used to play for my high school team, but now my only competitive playing time is resorted to intramural 6v6 every semester. I also enjoy playing recreational volleyball with my friends. I primarily play middle hitter, which means I spike the ball from the center of the net as well as rotating to each side in order to block the opposing hitter. I can't wait for intramural season to roll around!

Volleyball Hitter Silhouette

Even though volleyball is my favorite sport to play, baseball is my favorite sport to follow and watch. I used to play back in the day, but I wasn't that good so I stopped playing. I still love the game though. My favorite team is the Yankees. I love home runs. In my opinion that's the most exciting part of the game. It takes an incredible amount of skill to locate a ball traveling 90+ mph (or slower but with crazier movement) and making solid enough contact with the ball to send it 320+ feet. Hitting homeruns is an art. I can't wait to see the Yankees in the Postseason this year!

Baseball Hitter Silhouette

League of Legends is my most played computer game. It's a great moba that tests your mechanical skill as well as your real time strategy abilities against other players. Even though I've been playing for a long time, I still rank around an average player's skill level (Gold 4). The game is extremely fun and challenging. They are constantly updating the game to provide new changes to prevent the game from becoming stagnant. If you have free time you should definitely give this game a try!

League of Legends icon

My favorite game series of all time is Pokemon. Pokemon was the center of my entire childhood, from the show to the games, I couldn't get enough. I probably spent 200 hours playing just one of the versions (emerald). I still play the games today! Despite the game essentially being the same style across almost all main installments, Pokemon has this magical, indescribable thing about it that prevents it from getting boring. Sometimes I even go back and play one of the older versions through again just for fun. I can't wait for the next game to come out!