My Hobbies

Drawing + Crafts

I tend to spend a lot of time drawing when I have no work to do, either for fun or for stress relief. Most of the time, I work on drawing commissions and requests, and rarely have time to actually make a self-thought drawing. I typically go on online forums, and through them people request an art piece from me of whatever they want. I also occasionally knit, or do small decorative crafts for fun.

A piece of my drawing A piece of my drawing A piece of my drawing


My favorite book genre is sci-fi/fantasy, but occassionally read some romance/mystery novels. If I'm not drawing or sleeping, I might be reading. One of my favorite series is Lord of the Rings. I greatly prefer reading books that are written in 1st person narrative than 3rd person. Usually I'll end up staying up most of the night to finish books.

Visiting Cafes

If there's anything that I love doing outside, it's always visiting cafes. I adore eating sweets, so there's nothing better for me than going place to place eating various desserts. I usually like to visit cafes near parks because I adore greenery, and if there's a view of the sunset, then it's even better.